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Preventive Conservation

SCC Ltd use Tinytag2 Dataloggers to measure relative humidity and temperature. These dataloggers are calibrated regularly to ensure accurate readings.

Ruth has spent many years working throughout the UK assisting libraries with passive treatment programs such as large scale book and shelf cleaning, re-housing projects, shelf supports and boxing. Ian spent 5 years working as the Preventive Conservation Manager at Lambeth Palace Library where he helped care for its priceless collections housed at Lambeth Palace. With this extensive experience of providing preventive conservation advice as well as implementing passive treatments, we are able to advise on, and improve most storage and display environments and can recommend specialist consultants where required.

We are able to offer the following Preventive Conservation services:

  • Large or small library and archive moves
  • Library and archive cleaning
  • Re-housing, boxing and shelf support systems
  • Environmental assessments and reporting
  • Insect and Pest Management
  • Emergency and Disaster Planning
  • Collection Care Policy Advice.

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