Preservation Health Check

In conjunction with our colleague Julia Foster, Preservation Conservator for many years at the Preservation Advisory Centre (PAC) at the British Library, we offer a Preservation Health Check.

The health check is designed to an institution's individual requirements. It will provide a detailed report, giving an overview of the current status of an institution with regards to its preservation. The report will provide a step by step pathway to improving the levels and standards of preservation tailored to the collections needs and the resources available. 

If required sample surveys can also be performed to ascertain a better level of detail for large collections.

Conservation Assessment Survey

Where a collection of items is being considered for conservation treatment a conservation assessment survey is often the most effective way to plan treatments efficiently and ensure all the objects in a collection receive the best treatment possible for the budget available.

These surveys consider every object to be treated and so can be time-consuming, however through experience we do now have a survey system which runs at about 3 minutes per bound item, and less for flat items. This survey will then produce an accurate, detailed condition assessment database and costed treatment options for the client to consider.