Book & Paper Conservation

Book and paper conservation of the highest standard is at the heart of our work at SCC. We specialise in material from Western Europe covering all types of binding, archives and library materials and we have experience treating items dating from the medieval through to the 21st Century. 

Every project begins with a condition assessment of the object(s) to be considered for treatment. This assessment is produced as a written photographic report which will also include a full treatment proposal with an estimate of costs. 

Once a treatment proposal has been agreed with the client then the treatments will take place in our purpose built studio in Amberley. If items cannot be moved off site we also offer to work in-situ when this is possible.

Whilst working on original items we use only materials which are guaranteed to be of conservation grade or archival quality and where the provenance quality of the material is clear. Where we are working facsimiles or copies we are able to use lower quality materials if clients wish to keep costs lower.

When the conservation treatments have been completed then the object(s) will be returned to the client with a full photographic treatment report which itemises each stage of the work and the materials used.